Uvinum nasce con un’idea molto chiara: facilitare l’acquisto online di vini, birre, liquori, accessori per il vino e prodotti gastronomici. Il più grande catalogo d’Europa + 90.000 prodotti in vendita.

Uvinum has been created with a clear idea: to share the passion for wine. It was just having a glass of wine at a bar in the Eixample district of Barcelona (Spain) when decided to create Uvinum. We could not find an on-line service (or outside it) in which we could: discover wines, receive customized recommendations based on our consumer profile, talk to other wine lovers and be a wine store with best prices. It was something unknown to us.

As wine lovers, we needed to create a service with a clear message: democratize wine world. We want to stir the wine industry up by offering a service that helps both the user to understand this world and find the best wine at the best price. And everything with a language and style that we all understand. Because Uvinum is for professionals and beginners, from the most prestigious winemakers to the wine unfamiliar. We only need you to love wine.

The only important thing is you, a wine lover, sharing your passion for wine. If you do it, whether in Uvinum or anywhere else, you’ll help wine world to be more popular. That’s the most important issue: to expand the wine culture all over the world.

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